Several gentlemen have a tough time determining what to tell a girl, however there are plenty of basic steps that will always work. You can learn what to say to a girl you like. It is essential to recognize that girls usually respond or understand things differently from guys. While many guys take matters at face value, a majority of women will examine what you tell her and the way you say it. As soon as you know how to use this female aspect to your advantage, you’ll have an easier time talking to a woman you like. It can be so tough to make a girl like you the first time you approach her. Yet if you could just learn how to master the ways to talk to a girl, chances are you can land a date with her really quick.

The Art of Picking Up Girls

Is it really possible to talk to a girl? Well, it’s a resounding yes for a seasoned ladies’ man. For those that don’t have the experience, fear not, there are a lot of ways to approach a girl and talk to her even if you have never done it before! Picking up a girl is a skill anyone can learn. Read on to learn about great and easy ways to talk to a woman that you like.

Every guy has struggled with this problem of what to say to a women to get her to talk to you. Think about it, you see the hottest woman you have ever seen in a bar. She has long wild hair, a body like a supermodel and full sexy lips that you cannot wait to taste. As soon as your eyes connect with her smoky, sensual gaze, everything in the room begins to slow down and she smiles and flirts with her eyes, giving you a signal to approach her.

Don’t Show Your Nerves

Your heart is racing a million miles a second, your body is flushed with sexual awareness, your throat starts to close up and you are frozen. Knowing all this but still enthralled, you decide to go closer to this stunning creature and ask her out. Unfortunately, your mouth and body are still frozen, when you reach her and all you can do is stutter and sputter trying to get out a full word! She just looks at you with pity or confusion because the attraction she first felt when your eyes met has now died. It is the first rule of dating and you just violated it. If you wish to initiate a conversation you must be able to talk to women. A woman cannot carry on a conversation by herself and why would she want too? No matter how attractive she finds you, if you cannot put up as far as she is concerned you might as well shut up!

Learn to Communicate

Do wish to know what always works best? Learning how to be genuine and communicate with women. Communication is surprisingly hard for most people, not just single guys trying to get laid. Talking and sharing your thoughts and feelings with a total stranger can be worrisome, making you feel exposed. Yet, It really is a two-way street. If you want women to feel comfortable enough around you to kiss you and have sex with you, you have to put yourself out there a little bit. Of course, with the right advice, you can learn what to tell a woman without feeling exposed.

If you see your perfect dream girl across the room, you should walk up to her. Dating is a competition and you need not compete against another man in the room, you only have to compete against yourself. If you hesitate, worrying and trying to build up the courage to approach, you lose! You should be thinking about what to say every time you interact with a woman you find attractive. Compliments make a woman feel special and appreciated. Tell her how great she smells, notice the new outfit she has on and be a little bit romantic. You don’t have to fall all over yourself buying expensive gifts and springing for dinners in five-star restaurants but showing a woman you care is always good. Flowers, cards, and candy all say thinking of you.

Listen to Hear

A first date with a woman is like an interview, she will use this experience to see if she wants to hook up with you again and take the relationship to the next level. So guys this is one interview you should be aiming to pass. A first date is not the time to get personal; a woman does not want to know about every detail of your life. Unless you are rich and famous and splashed across the cover of every tabloid magazine. Instead, highlight your good points, the traits that differentiate you from other guys. Your intelligence, interest and activities should be discussed but to impress the potential girlfriend, spend as much time as possible talking about her. Find out what she likes and what moves her. This will separate you from other guys who only want to brag about themselves. Be sure to be charming, keep her laughing and smiling at you. Attentiveness to her needs goes a long way towards getting a second date and making sure you know what to talk to her about.

Basic Communication Points


Certainly, you don’t want to completely monopolize the conversation. By doing this you will come across as boorish, selfish and egotistical. Give her a chance to talk and listen with eager interest. Ask her specific questions about her hobbies, her background or her career. Doing so will allow you the opportunity to react to her answers with more questions, opening the door to more amusing observations. This way you will create a fair interactive playing field. Learn the techniques of what to tell anyone you like and you won’t have to endure those uncomfortable episodes of awkward silence ever again. Talking to girls is a game and you can give yourself the best chance of winning, by arming yourself with some good stories and witty remarks. That, coupled with a listener’s ear, will turn you into a breath of fresh air to any woman you meet.

Make her feel special

The first thing that a man should remember is that a woman always wants to feel loved and admired in the eyes of a man. With this, a man will have a special place in her heart if the guy comes around and knocks her off her feet with sweet and appealing words. No girl would want their guys to be speaking harshly or who carelessly makes comments that are offensive and insensitive. Guys should remember to summon words that they know their girls will love hearing. Some flattering and kind words once in a while will not hurt and is a boost for the relationship.

Know what she wants

Many say that women are hard to please. This is only in the forefront of women since they do have a soft side that is only waiting to be unleashed with a good remark or two. Looking for the right words to say is actually not difficult. A guy should only be able to assess the personality of the girl and anticipate her would be reaction upon hearing it. Saying that the girl is the most beautiful one to ever exist on the planet will never be wrong. It’s what every woman wants to hear.

Build rapport

When talking, it is imperative for you to determine the mood of the girl. If she’s in for some fancy talk then go for it. If by chance, you see that she is not ready for some naughty statements, do not force it and instead just listen to what she says and react accordingly. Women also like sensitive men and those who have a wide range of topics in the store to talk about. With this, a little studying will help but the girl should always be indulged The girl should always be given the privilege of thinking that her opinions and views are right and important. The key step is to talk about things that are important to you too. Talking about things that matter to a guy is highly appreciated by women. They also love hearing never been said secrets about their guys so when on a date, so you better prepare with loads of them.

Do not be in her face

Women don’t fall in love because of all the proper things you “say” but what you do. Keeping it light and funny is a great start. Making sure that she has the time and space to discover who you are, is the key to sustaining things. Women fall in love slower than guys do and you have to know how to spoon feed yourself so she wonders about you between dates. “Gee, I wonder what (insert your name here) is doing tonight? I have so much fun with him, I wish I could see him more often!”

Contrast that with a woman that is buried in enough flowers to start her own floral shop before date 3. The major media and movies would have you believe that the in your face flower giver is the guy that will win the race for her heart, but for her to fall in love, you need to slow down the pace.

Let her know you’re really into her

You can start by using the “staring”, “glancing” game, but don’t make it appear like you’re a maniac or you’ll scare the wits out of her before you actually approach her. Once she notices you, or you noticed that she glimpses back at you, take the game up a notch, and then go ahead and introduce yourself. A word of caution though, you must be able to determine if she is giving back a dirty stare or a friendly glance, or you’ll end up making a fool out of yourself.

Break the ice with what some call a “neutral-opinion opener”, This means, you should start the conversation with a topic that does not involve you or her. It can be as simple as, “you seem to like pure alcohol” or “what do you think of this place?” It’s like prolonging the staring game you started. You’re likely to have an enjoyable conversation if you try this technique.

Mystery and challenge

Make sure that she is seriously wondering about you in the first 10 dates. You want her to think about how many other girls you’re seeing, what you’re up to when you’re not with her, and when you might call again. On the dates, you pretend you’re a spy and she’s trying to pry information from you. Again, you want her to speculate about you and your intentions.

Of course, you won’t keep up the mystery and challenge game throughout the entire relationship. Eventually you will get to know each other but you always want the air of “I don’t need you, you need me,” awareness with her throughout your relationship.

Women don’t mind chasing after a man. It is better if she’s slightly more interested in you than you are in her. Essentially,, it is always more advantageous for you when it is the woman’s idea to be in the relationship and if she feels as if she had to fight for you as since she corralled you in. If you want the best chance for success, that is it!

Be original

Uniqueness is always an advantage. If you are about to meet a woman, a really, gorgeous woman, it is possible that people are always telling her how hot or how cute she is. Drop the idea of commenting on her appearance. She will probably appreciate it but it won’t make her tick. Comment on her clothes, her purse, her shoes or her accessories instead. That way, you can create a light, natural and flirty conversation that’s out of the ordinary.

What to Say To a girl you like summary

If you’re not rich or good-looking, you are going to require something going for you and nothing works better than humor. Make her laugh and in turn, you will have her total attention. What’s more, laughter will break down her defenses giving YOU the upper hand in this little challenge called “LOVE!” You don’t have to be Jim Carrey. Be yourself but infuse funny stories and comical quips into the conversation. Also, don’t forget to laugh at yourself. This is also an effective way to build rapport with a woman

Although it remains a great mystery to many men, starting engaging conversations with women is not hard. The difficulty surfaces when one attempts to maintain the conversation and keep it interesting to the object of one’s affection. This is why it is imperative to know not only the right ways to initiate a conversation but the correct techniques to keep the conversation moving along as well. Knowing what to tell a girl you like should be automatic. Otherwise it will seem rehearsed. By using these guidelines, you will impress a woman because you’ll show her that you’ve got the ability to listen, talk, and possess a wholesome level of enthusiasm.