When it comes to flirting with a beautiful woman, most guys will find it unnerving and downright scary. Many men do not flirt properly or successfully and end up saying something so hideous, they wish they could have bitten their tongue. The pick-up lines that men use are usually a way of trying to look charming while trying to break the ice.

Being eloquent and confident is an obvious advantage when attempting to woo that lady that you find exceptionally desirable. Basically, you don’t need to use an original pick up line to sound sophisticated. Using ones that have been tried and tested works the same. The bottom line here is that you want to get the woman’s personal info for further contact. Listed below is a list of flirting lines that work on women. They have been used numerous times to get that particular female’s attention and really work to your advantage.

Someone said you were looking for me?

This line works best if you already know the woman’s name. By simply walking up to her and asking, “Hi……..someone said you were looking for me”. the lady in question will obviously say no unless she was actually looking for you. Of course, then you’re in luck. If the answer is no, then go ahead and ask her how she is doing. By chance, If you’re in a nightclub, just respond, “Hope your night is better than mine”. From there it will be easy to start a conversation with her. This line ensures that you don’t come on too strong and that you genuinely show some interest in her. Also, this open-ended statement will allow her to respond as she sees fit and hopefully develop into a meaningful exchange.

Hi there. You really have great energy. Where do you get it from?

By telling a woman, that she has great energy, is a compliment in itself. By stating to her that she has this admirable trait, will pleasantly surprise and inspire her all at once. The above line can be further enhanced by asking her what she likes to do since she seems to have fantastic appeal. This question and answer can lead to a conversation where you can find out many things about her, such as her hobbies, interests, desires friend relationships and so forth. This line can be used almost anywhere such as in the gym, cafe, store, grocery line etc.. That fact that you have noticed an intrinsic feature about her will score you points

You keep looking at me? You are making me self-conscious

For example, having eye to eye contact with a woman, from across a room or within a short distance, will send the signal that you’re interested in her. Maintaining this alluring eye contact will eventually help you start a conversation. You can easily walk across the room and simply say, “I notice that you keep looking at me, is there anything that I can do for you?” If the woman was really serious about making eye contact she will see the humor in your approach. Secondly, even though she was making eye-contact, she will appreciate the fact that you made the first move. and will want to talk to you.

Do you want to dance and then I will buy you a drink?

It is a fact that in clubs, men will often touch or dance extremely close with women. They will often put their hands on a woman’s hips or at the extreme end, grind their body’s right into a women’s waist area. This is a disrespectful and violating way to dance with any lady. You want to come across as a mature and polite gentleman and ask for a dance in a nice way. Easily walk up to the woman and say, “Would you like to dance and perhaps I could buy you a drink after?”. By being genuine and friendly, this will show the lady that your intention of wanting to spend a little time with her. This “drink”: will help you break the ice with her and gradually lead to a conversation about the dance, venue, and naturally other things.

Excuse me, is this seat taken?

This line is charming, polite, and innocent at the same time. It can be a bit arrogant to always assume just because a woman is sitting next to an empty seat, that she is alone. The fact that you have considered that the seat may be reserved for someone else shows that you possess attributes of courtesy and respect. It is also effective in the sense that it is not abrasive and presumptuous.

The answer she may give you can go only two ways. Either she gives you a signal of her noninterest but in a nonchalant way or she offers you to take the seat. By sitting down beside her, you can start some light banter and can gauge it from there if she wants to continue in the conversation You can use this tactic with easy confidence while at the same time not looking like a pushover. It really is a solid, beginner line to any potential conversation

Can I offer you…….?

Offering a woman something to drink, shows that you are considerate and would appreciate spending some time with her However, keep in mind the circumstances you both find yourselves in. The occasion might be an official event which might call for a glass of wine or a business event where other alcoholic beverages are an option. This line affords you the opportunity to show off your gentlemanly behavior, while at the same highlighting your sophistication and connoisseur skills when it comes to choosing the right time of drink for the right occasion. This is one of the best flirting lines to try.

Do you come here often? I could use your opinion…..

Most men might find this line lame and unoriginal. Yet, truth but told. this line can be very effective as a way to flirt with a woman, For example, if you are in a clothing store, or home furnishing shop and you;re finding it difficult to choose a specific product, you can honestly ask a woman her opinion of that particular item to make a decision of a purchase. By speaking to the woman you get to gauge her communication and intellectual skills which will help you determine if she is someone that you would like to get to know a little bit better.

You look certainly like trouble

You know those flirtatious women that enjoy attention and appear to be having a hoot of a time. This line is just perfect to be used on them. The lady in question might be the ringleader of the group she is hanging with. or just the loudest one in her pose. Just gingerly go up to her and tell her she looks like trouble, but in a playful way. The answers you may get from this line will be abundant. Moreso, it sets the tone for an easy conservation which will obviously help you get to know the lady a bit better.

I really like…..

Comment on something she might be wearing, reading, or holding. Better to have knowledge about the thing that you’re complimenting as opposed to spewing out a random thought. This line works in all situations where you find yourself at a loss of coming up with a topic to hopefully discuss. Making an intelligent, and valid remark on something that she has in possession will have a response of “Thank you.” She will definitely tell you something about that specific object and you both can openly talk about it. This may lead to a more in-depth conversation and allows you to assess her personality and behavior to decide if she is someone that interests you.

Don’t you find this place…..?

This line can go in one of two ways, either good or bad. Observe to see what body language and nonverbal cues the girl may be exhibiting. If she looks like she’s enjoying herself.you can ask her “Don’t you find this place cool?”, or if she looks bored and indifferent, you could say, “Don’t you find this place dull?”. This line helps both of you share a bond either for liking or disliking a place. This line can lead to a conversation touching on the ambiance, crowd, and other things regarding the venue. Furthermore, even if you don’t agree on some things this can lead to a playful argument. Once you have established a baseline topic, you can now indulge in an entertaining chat.

I really think you have a nice…..

Choose something unique to compliment the lady in question, such as her eyes, clothes, accessories or smile. This is a great conversation opener because you are saying something positive about one of her authentic features. The most important thing to remember when using this line is to be genuine about your observation.

Remember a woman will tell when a man is trying to lay it on thick. They might think that you’re making fun of them and will immediately be turned off. Go for the details in your appraisal. For example, say that you admire that twinkle in her eye, of that her hairdo makes her look sophisticated and sharp. This will get on the girl’s good side because it shows that you appreciate that special quality about her.

Hi, am doing a survey….

Low and behold, if you use this phrase correctly, it will work miracles for you. Not only is it a great conversation opener, but it also allows you to have a fulfilling and lengthy discussion where you can assess her communication skills and personality. This topic makes for a fun chat that no girl would want to back away from this one. Even if she’s with her friends everyone can pitch into the conversation to give their 2 cents worth. Go ahead and give it a try. This will put you in a favorable light and will make you come across as an easy going and jovial person.

I hope somebody has ever told you that you look like………?

This line gives you the opportunity to give two compliments in one sentence. First off, you are acknowledging to her that she is distinctly pretty. Secondly, you like her to someone famous movie/artist/music star. The best part of this is that if she bears a resemblance to a particular star she will most likely say a yes or she will just act flattered and amiably contradict you. Either way, it will get her talking and from here on in, you can introduce yourself and take the conversation to a higher level.

Just wanted you to know that they might ask you to leave

Start off by telling her, “Just wanted you to know they might ask you to leave soon.” After a pause, act serious, smile and say, “Coz you’re making other women here look bad.” This is a sure way of getting her attention while at the same time making her smile or even laugh out loud. The resulting effect of this line can go either way. according to her character. If she has an assertive demeanor, you might get a response that is witty which lead to a more fruitful discussion. However, if she is shy, then you might get a grin, stare of disbelief or a quick chat. The gist of the matter is that you will get her talking and take it from there to see if the girl is worth it.

You are so beautiful, that I forgot my pick-up line

This line is a sure fire way to start a conversation with a lady. Not only will It elicit a smile from her, but it will also signal to the lady that you admire her demeanor and style. Any woman would appreciate that and this would automatically boost their confidence level. If you happen to throw this line to a flirtatious lady be ready to receive an amusing response.No matter the response, this line shows that you are a fun guy to converse with, without being seen as too aggressive.

Other than being beautiful and gorgeous, what do you do for a living?

This is a charming yet direct line, First of all, you get to flatter the girl without sounding too pompous and, you also get to set up a conversation about her elegant look. This line works well instead of the dull phrase of “ I am….how do you keep busy”. It brings out the fact that you appreciate her physical features yet you’re also curious about her as a person. Most women put in a lot of time and effort to look exceptional, and when someone (especially a guy) acknowledges this, then this states to a woman that this guy is worth a little bit of her time.

Flirting Lines that Work on Women Summary

Some people may have the perception that pick-up lines show that a guy has no charisma or intelligence. Needless to say, a lot of females find flirtatious lines fun and gutsy. A woman will surely respect the fact that you took your time to walk up to her and say something to attract her attention and make her smile. It shows confidence.

Remember that each pick-up line will certainly depend on the situation, A flirty line is seen as an advertisement to a lady and reflects your character and communication skills. Keep in mind, that these lines work best when it is authentic and direct. Therefore, go out there and be that confident guy and choose a pick-up line that works well with you considering the occasion, time and the lady that you’re trying to attract.