Women are romantically aroused when they hear things more than seeing things Women’s auditory senses are fine-tuned for sexual stimulus whereas men are finer tuned to visual stimulus. Women in general, feel sexier when they are praised for their unique physical features, style or even scent. Therefore, making pleasant comments to a woman will always work in your favor. No girl will ever get tired of hearing a guy or anyone for that matter, compliment them on a daily basis. So its important that you know what nice things to say to a girl.

Saying nice things to anyone will always put you in a positive light. You can start friendships this way, get on someone’s good side and you can even start feeling good about yourself because you are giving sincere praise to someone and it feels nice to do so. Of course, since you’re trying to attract that special lady, this will definitely work toward your benefit. Below is a list of sweet things to say to a girl.

You look amazingly beautiful

Beauty is only skin deep and only gives us a view of the physical aesthetics of a women’s appearance. However, women value their looks more than anything else. If you tell a woman that she is beautiful, you will have won her heart and she will be completely over the moon. She will feel confident about herself and will be gracious to you for your honest opinion.

I love your voice

When a girl talks, she wants to know that her voice is sexy, soothing and clear and that you enjoy speaking to her. That way, she will be more willing to talk to you freely, and you can get better acquainted with her.

Your smile shines like a candle in the dim light

When a girl smiles, it is the warmest and honest indication that she could give you that lets you know that she is truly enjoying your company. You can always tell when a smile is fake because the facial gesture will look tight and stiff and that smile won’t last long. Her false smile will say one thing but the rest of her facial features will say something else.

The smell of your perfume draws me close to you

Women like leaving long-lasting impacts wherever they go, and one of the ways to do so is wearing the best perfume. In fact, some girls use the same perfume for years, so that they can be identified by it wherever they go. They will be more than happy to know that you love it and will keep on wearing it as their signature scent.

I love your name

When you meet a girl for the first time, you need to get her name right. Memorize it, ingrain it in your brain. No one likes anyone mispronouncing their name or worse yet, forgetting their name and calling them someone else Make her aware that her name is a unique one. If you love her name, you may even fall in love with the person behind it.

You are the epitome of fashion and style

All girls have their own unique style or look. Some women like wearing vintage clothes, some like wearing basic styles and others more trendy, modern fashion pieces. Most girls know how to dress and If she doesn’t, then she needs to get some help with her wardrobe.

You are not one to criticize a girl on her look if it is outdated. She will find out from others about the mistakes in her garment closet. Yet, .with most women, personality, and dress go hand in hand. Praise her on her style and she will always look nice for you.

You look like a model

It is important to identify a girl with beautiful women in the world. If you tell her that she looks like Angelina Jolie, Adriana Lima, or Megan Fox, this will boost her confidence. Compliment her on her physique and appearance. Tell her that she looks sharp, that she has strong, sleek legs, toned arms, shapely buttocks, or other attractive body characteristics. Be honest when complimenting a female. Every girl will always have a unique quality about them.

Your curves are sexy

Every girl wants to have the curves that make every man drool. Most girls have done a lot of things to accentuate their curves, including going for body enhancing surgeries, hitting the gym and well as other physical or cosmetic activities.. Curvaceous women that are well endowed in the breast, hips, and buttocks will always attract attention from men. Letting a girl know that you appreciate her curves will make her want to wear clothing that accentuates them so that she can turn you on. Now, that would be a sweet treat for you for a simple, truthful compliment.

You have something every man wants in a woman

There is nothing better than the feeling of being desired by someone. Every girl wants to feel wanted by a good looking man. This makes her feel sexy, open and confident. What is it about her that turns you on but doesn’t sound corny and fake? Maybe is her winning smile, mischievous eyes, polished look. Tell her what it is and she will melt like butter in your arms.

You look great even without makeup

Some women just have natural beauty and they aren’t even young. It’s just a part of their genetic makeup. All cosmetics really do, is accentuate a women’s natural and appealing features. There is a lot of females who are not pretty but wear makeup You can definitely tell who they are. Comment on that girl’s natural hair color, smooth soft skin, full lips, high cheekbones. Once you do, she will take extra care that those features so that they look sexier just for you.

I love your style

The personal style of a girl includes everything from her attitude, dress, hair, and makeup. It’s more of, her “wearing” the clothes, instead of the clothes “wearing”her. She takes control of her look so that it’s a part of who she is. She can be that girl who knows which high heels go with which outfit. Tell her that she looks fancy and sharp. Let her know which colors look great on her. Every guy likes to look at a girl who looks like she has it all together. Tell her this and watch her smile and be more open toward you.

Your jewelry makes you look good

All women love jewelry. Those sparkly stones and shimmery metals will always leave women wanting more. When a woman pairs her jewelry with her clothing the right way, she can look like a million bucks. A girl will take a whole day to buy something that a man will only buy in ten minutes. So, when that fabulous looking girl is wearing a new piece of shiny jewelry, let her know that she is wearing it well and that it compliments her appearance. Then observe her glow from the inside out.

What keeps you going?

Everyone wants to put a smile on their face even when things are not going as expected. People who do this are inspired by their self-worth and inner motivation. They basically, see opportunities in all difficulties. When a girl is always smiling and enjoying her life, it does not mean that she does not have her own share of woes. When you do ask her this question, she sees that you care about her well-being and that you think that she has a strong character.

Let me be a shoulder for you to lean on

Every girl has a vulnerable side to them. Knowing that they can chill out with you, without having to worry your feelings will be a great relief to them. Also, having someone to bounce off their ideas to talk about small problems will help them to get better insight into things and will make them feel better about themselves. They will want to spend more time with you and may even develop an attraction for you as well.

I am all yours

Every girl wants attention. Whenever she is with the one she adores, she relishes in being the center of their universe. Let her know that everything you have belongs to her. This means that she has your time, your eyes, ears and most importantly, your heart in the palm of her hand.

I want to make you happy

Any girl would rather be with a guy that makes them happy, than a guy who would make them sad,. While men may or may not rely on their woman to make them happy, a girl wants a man to make her the happiest female on earth. Since men are the main decision-makers in most relationships, wanting to make their girl content, helps them feel that they are in control and dependable. Any girl would be delighted knowing that all the decisions that a man makes are geared toward her happiness.

It will hurt me more to see you suffer

Everyone goes through tough times. When that girl that you adore is having a bad day or going through a rough situation, let her know that she will always have a shoulder to lean on. The caring behavior on your part will make her feel treasured and reassured.

You look so sweet that you can turn men diabetic

You will surely get on that girl’s good side if you make her double over with laughter. She will always be seeking you out because she knows you will make her chuckle and forget her troubles. Be creative. Don’t crack jokes that everyone else has made. Tell her some original lines to bring on the rib-splitting roars.

You get younger by the day

A big fear that many women have is of looking older than their age and less attractive. A girl is pretty aware that her beauty and young looks are short-lived, but she always wishes that she can get more attractive with time. If you tell her that she’s looking younger and better every other day, she will feel youthful and full of life.

I love your sense of humor

Everyone likes to be around someone who can make them laugh. Let that girl know that her joking behavior is refreshing and always brightens up your day. She’ll then know that you appreciate her wit and will continue to make these playful jokes as often as she likes without a care in the world.

You seem to read my thoughts

Women are good at decoding a man’s advances. She knows what you want and would adequately prepare for your decent or indecent proposal. Just be honest with your requests or expectations of her so that you won’t be disappointed.

I understand you perfectly

When you empathize and not criticize that girl you will gain her trust more readily. Most times, a girl just wants you to listen to her concerns. She is more than capable of figuring out the difficult things on her own. Be that sounding board that she can bounce her ideas and thoughts off. This way you can get to know her better and understand her character to see what kind of person she really is.

I miss you so much

When you are not with that girl that you care about, tell her that you miss her. If you are used to doing a lot of things together such as shopping, exercising, eating at restaurants etc, let her know that her absence is having an effect on your life. When you tell her this, she will think that you are the sweetest and caring guy. She will instantly want to spend more time with you.

I get better whenever I am with you

All people in any type of relationship try to have a positive impact on each other’s lives. Having someone that you can draw emotional support from makes dealing with life’s difficulties less cumbersome. When dealing with daily life activities it can make tackling them more fun. because you get to learn things from each other. Let that girl know that you appreciate her time and enjoy being with her.

Nice Things to Say to a Girl Summary

Most times a guy will say a nice things to a girl because they are interested in them and would like to get to know them better. Some guys just like to give a honest compliment to a pretty woman.. Whatever your reason for saying endearing things to a girl, make sure it’s genuine and suits the mood. With a bit a luck, that girl may just say something nice right back to you.