Have you ever noticed that some guys can attract women with little effort? Women are simply drawn to them like a magnet. It likely has something to do with one fundamental seduction principle: Your attitude. This is not a new concept. Many dating advisors emphasize the importance of learning how to seduce women.

Men whose primary goal is to just seduce women, are basically out to satisfy their carnal desires. This may work for the other person if that is the sole intention. Hence, women can just be bold and forthright as any assertive male. Yet it has to be understood that this is what both individuals want.

When it comes to achieving your ultimate goal of landing a woman, one who learns how to seduce women or attract women is going to depend on how much you desire to be with a woman.

If all you want is casual sex and one night stands then starting off learning how to entice women is the right choice for you.

However, if you want to get a quality woman in your life, you need to learn how to charm the right women. Of course, you can always consider getting a dating coach who can help you attain these needs even faster than you could have done on your own.

If you wonder how some guys seem to hook up with any woman that they want, it is very simple to learn how to hook a woman into a one night stand. Women are attracted to status, power, confidence, and strength. As long as you have one or more of these attributes, you will be able to attract any woman that you desire. The tips mentioned below will help you in achieving this goal.

First impressions

Keep in mind that you only have one chance to make a first impression. A woman will start to judge you even before you have an opportunity to speak. This means you need to pay attention to your outer appearance and dress how you want to be perceived. Presenting yourself well doesn’t mean that you have to be handsome or have a well-built figure in order to impress a woman.

Take notice of how your style, attitude and special features can be alluring to a woman. What makes you unique? Highlight that quality so that it stands out. For example, if you have broad shoulders, wear a blazer or jacket that will make your shoulders look appealing and strong. A physically fit appearance is liked by any and all women. Women are attracted to men who possess self-esteem and at the same time are courteous and respectful.

Always look a woman in the eye when you a conversing with her. It shows that you are interested in what she is saying. Making and maintaining eye contact is a sure sign of confidence when meeting anyone and is no different when you are trying to meet women. Show that woman your assertive personality and what you have to offer.
Keep your wardrobe updated to highlight your physical characteristics and to also stay with the times.

No matter how big, tall, short, or you are, a man who knows how to dress and has a sense of style and flair will have no problem in finding that desirable woman. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that once you look good, you will also feel good. Hence, keeping yourself groomed and sharp, is a sure fire way to lure the ladies.

Body language

If your body language does not give off a positive vibe, the solution is to just change it. How do you grab a woman’s attention, if you feel insecure about yourself? The fact is, is that you won’t be able to. A woman wants a man who is self-assured and charming. A good way to learn how to attain a bold and self-confident demeanor is to study people who possess this trait. Feeling good about yourself as well as your attractive features and winning personality will help as well.

Connect emotionally

When you are interested in a woman, create a dialogue where you both can partake in the conversation. Ask her about what she enjoys in life, her passions, hobbies, career. Find out what you both enjoy doing in your spare time. Once you determine what commonalities you both have, all the better for an exciting and racy rendezvous.

Charm her

Once a woman has reciprocated your advances, keep the momentum going. Flatter her on her unique personality traits or physical characteristics, such as her friendly, warm smile, witty humor, nice clothing and the fact that the color of her top brings out the color on her eyes or goes well with her complexion, you get the drift. Compliment her about something that is unique only to her. Also, show her some light physical contact. An example would be to gently brush the hair away from her cheek or give her a quick hug or guide her through a crowded room by holding her elbow. Overall, just make her feel special and wanted.

Ask the woman out

Flirting over a long period of time without attempting to ask the women out on any dates will result in the woman getting bored. A bored woman will mean that she will look elsewhere for someone to have some fun with and occupy her time. She will eventually show you less attention and may even stop communication with you altogether. You don’t necessarily have to wine and dine her. Invite her to a trendy coffee house or for a stroll in a popular park. By spending some casual alone time with her will make her feel needed and close to you.

Be a little touchy feely

If you are a masculine man, show that girl your sensitive and caring side. This will make you look more honest and genuine. This will signal to her that you’re not a sleaze but someone who has suave and character. That girl will find it irresistible and will be more receptive to your sexual desires and erotic wishes.

Show off your positive personality

Be charming and friendly when interacting with other people around you. Women find it difficult to resist a man that everyone seems to like. Praise people who have done something you admire. Compliment someone on a recent accomplishment or even if they are wearing a nice piece of attire that makes them look stunning. This will show that woman that you notice those certain attributes about people and this will make her admire you and she will become sexually attracted to you as well.

Be an Attentive yet active listener

The biggest turn-on for a woman is to be listened to. Just to know that the man she’s with is hanging off her every word and wouldn’t mind every sordid detail, is truly a treat for her. You don’t even have to agree with all she’s saying. Even a friendly counter argument is welcome because it would show that you’re listening to her.

How to seduce women is very much a silent art. It involves a whole lot more listening than it does talking. You don’t have to know at all what to say, so long as you know how to listen to what she’s saying. This will show that you’re interested and genuinely care about her opinions and life events.

Act casual

When you act calm, cool, and collected, as well as confident and composed, it will make her feel more at ease around you. When she feels comfortable in your presence, she will notice your temperament and physical traits more and may become attracted to you. When she sees that you’re not pawing all over her but acting fairly ambivalent about her looks and sexual appeal, she’ll only want you more.

Opposites Attract

Opposites attract and guys who want to learn how to seduce a woman, a girl that is different from him may be more likely to find his personality funny and unique. Dating this type of girl can also be a new challenge for a guy. This will provide him with a little bit of variety and will help to keep the dating scene interesting and fun. You may eventually find out you have more things in common than you realize.

Humor is sexy

Ever wonder why you see famous comedians with gorgeous women on their arms? It really is all about humor and wit. All women enjoy spending time with men who can make them laugh. A funny guy knows how to keep the conversation going by seeing the amusement in all aspects of life He doesn’t take himself too seriously and knows how to just relax and have a little bit of fun with women. Not all guys will have a woman busting her side with laughter. Yet being calm, respectful and funny at the appropriate times and using a humorous pickup line or two works as well.

Compliments never hurt

If you want a woman to know you find her attractive you can send her non-verbal queues such as provocative yet friendly staring, smiling and other such flirting techniques to get her attention. However, what women find really sexy, are guys who have the courage to just walk up and tell her she looks stunning. Give her a compliment unique to her. This will hopefully make her eager to explore a relationship with you..This method works best with women you already have at least a casual connection with. If you want to let your female friend know that you are attracted to her, give her a compliment. A compliment such her eyes look exceptionally pretty today, or she looks more radiant than usual, will put her in that smitten mood.

Evolve to become better

Guys who are too locked into their ideas and opinions are unable to learn how to seduce a woman. They may think that their methods of alluring a woman are good, but they don’t work as well as they could or should. There may not be a need to drastically change behaviors and tactics, but some fine tweaking may be necessary. Be willing to make errors and learn from them when you do.

Phone calls are important

If you have ever talked to a girl on the phone and realized you had nothing to say, then you know this is just as awkward as being on a date and not being able to hold a conversation. In fact, the bad phone call is probably a little worse than the bad date. With a date, at least after a pause in the conversation, you can probably smile, look at a girl’s face and figure out how to proceed.

With a bad phone call, you do not have any backup. Keep a phone call short and if it helps, think about what you want to say beforehand. A confident and energetic voice is very sexy and is your first step in giving that girl a positive and tempting image of you.

Watch her face

Body language is a major part of knowing when to take a relationship to a more intimately sexual level. If a woman eyes are constantly roaming around the room as you talk or if she is frowning, then she is sending you a negative vibe. You are not holding her interest to the level that you want to be able to ultimately seduce her. Keep an eye on nonverbal body language on a woman’s face and adjust what you say to keep that conversation flowing.

How to Seduce Women Summary

In conclusion, your goal while conversing with a woman is to make the discussion as engaging and entertaining as possible. The conversation itself should project your self-assured attitude and natural charisma. The best way to accomplish this is to prepare several great stories beforehand so you are ready to go when you find yourself speaking with an attractive woman. The stories should have some humor to give her a small taste of your personality and love for life. Toss in a few flirtatious questions to build some chemistry and to let her know where you would like to go with the conversation.

Be yourself and have some fun when it comes to seducing women. After all, some women like to be persuaded, wined and dined etc. Whatever term you use, as long as you both are on the same page in the romantic liaison, then the sky is the limit.