Some guys just seem to have it all, when it comes to attracting that perfect mate. Good looks, charm, confidence, great style, and the list could go on. Learning to attract a woman is not something inherent or passed through your genetic material. Anyone can learn to do so. It just takes some time, patience, and belief in yourself. Knowing that you’re a worthy person who desires to be with a woman is the first step. This shows that you have confidence and every woman lusts after a guy who portrays this exquisite trait. Also learning the right skills and methods on how to attract women will make the process so much easier and more fun.

Whenever in the company of your woman, try as much as possible to always give her your undivided attention. If she notices that you’re distracted or worst of all, staring at another woman in an appreciative manner(all girls hate this), she might feel rejected and doubt your seriousness. Pay attention to her needs and body language. Engage in the friendly small talk, maintain an eye contact, ask her how she is doing in a caring way. Don’t just pull out your cell and start reading or dial-up one of your friends. Keep the mood relaxed and casual. You honestly don’t want to be on her every move because this will come across as possessive and annoying to your lady. Keep it cool and let things flow naturally.

When you know how to grab and maintain a woman’s attention, it is easy to impress them. You might think that you can only allure women with good looks alone, but this is further from the truth. Having a sparkling personality and friendly demeanor makes it much easier to charm a lady. Once you understand how to begin a conversation with a woman, as well as how to actually hold her attention, it will be much easier for you to begin attracting women. Below are tips on how to do just that:

The friendly approach

Girls like a guy who is genuine, polite and courteous. Basically, someone who is easy to talk with and who listens without judgment. If you have a loud personality (and some guys are like that, you can’t change who you are), that’s okay. As long as you are respectful and down to earth, any women would appreciate being in your company. Just being yourself is the most important thing. Girls get annoyed at guys who brag and are arrogant, no matter how good looking they are. Focusing your attention on that special lady is what really counts. This shows that you are caring and enjoy the girl’s company.

Engaging in pleasant conversation

An exchange of words should always lead to an interesting conversation to hold that lady’s attention. However, the beginning of the conversation needs to be good. and if you start it off saying “You used to be friends with my ex-girlfriend, right?”, then that could just totally end any forthcoming dialogue.. When starting to speak with a girl, a simple question about them would be a good opener. This would get the girl talking about herself so that you can get to know her better. The more you get to know her, the more you can assess if she is someone that is suitable for you. If you get moments of silence that is okay. However, if these moments of silence feel awkward, instead of comfortable then she may have issues with her verbal skills. This will give you the cue that she may not be someone you want to get to know better..

Exude confidence

Feeling good about yourself and your capabilities will surely help you land that woman. It’s so easy to tell when someone has that streak of confidence. You instantly feel attracted to them and can instantly feel their confidence rub off on you, where you refreshingly feel good about yourself. Yet there is a fine line between arrogance, being vain and confidence. Confidence is humble and energizing while the former is draining and annoying. Yet we are not all perfect and you may feel the need to finetune your self-esteem skills if you’re not picking up the ladies as you see fit.

Look deep within yourself to see what it is that you can offer a lady. Be authentic and true to yourself in your need to fulfill this desire. How do you feel about yourself? Do you like your qualities and attributes? Do you feel sensual about yourself? Are you content with your life? A woman can smell this stuff a mile away. Heck, you don’t have to look like Clooney to attract a woman, you just need to act like him to entice that female.

Have a neat appearance

Here we have a no-brainer. No woman will want to be near you if you don’t practice the basics of daily hygiene. Brush your teeth, shower, wash your face and shave in a timely manner. Keep your nails trimmed and short, wear clean and tidy clothes and get yourself a seductive, great smelling cologne. Some name brand colognes are loaded with sex enhancing ingredients known as pheromones. They work nicely yet discreet. Most of all, they smell like regular colognes. All women get turned on when a guy smells good.

When you keep your appearance fresh and neat, you will experience a boost in self-assurance. This dose of boldness will help you when you are attempting to approach women. A woman will be able to see this in your mannerisms and speech. She will be pleasantly captivated and appreciate your attempt to get her attention. Always remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your first impression is what a woman is always going to remember you by.

Keep it cool

Allows maintaining an air of confidence when you are in the company of a woman. Refrain from being rude or crass in your approach, when you are trying to attract that lady. From a woman’s point of view, this is an instant turn off. When a down to earth, the reputable woman is looking for a possible mate, she wants someone who is polite and courteous. This shows that that guy has class and sense of decorum Women consider manners to be an endearing quality in a man’s personality. Being brash and rude to women from the get-go sends the message that you could be a walking time bomb and to direct her interests elsewhere.

Maintain some positivity

Nobody anywhere likes a pessimistic person, and certainly not a woman who is on the lookout for a mate. Talking bad about anything from the weather, what you had for breakfast to your best friend’s pet dog sends a negative message. When you speak of things in a positive and friendly manner, this will come across to other women as real and authentic. They may find it easier to strike up a conversation with you, or even ask you for your contact info if your chat is going well. Having an affable attitude around women will make you stand out among other men. Women will be more likely to notice your ad will possibly and start talking to you to get to know you better.

Keep them entertained

You need to understand women and how to hold their interests. What does most woman like to do? What does this particular woman like to do? Once you understand her likes and dislikes. decide on partaking in activities together that are fun for both of you. From there you can assess if you enjoy each other’s company for future dates or discussions. No girl likes a boring guy who likes to do the same thing all of the time and vice versa. Go on a nature walk, dancing at a club, or play rounds of mini golf together. The choices are endless. Be in the moment, let loose and enjoy yourself

Get interested in different things

Ever had the desire to do something unique but never found the right time or occasion? Don’t just talk about ordinary things like your job and the movies because. this will lead to boredom on the part of the woman. Read up on the latest news, trends and societal topics. Find out what the girl likes to do and take it up a notch. Does she like going for walks in the park? Find a park in the city that has a hiking trail. This could make for an adventurous excursion. Develop interests in what the woman likes. For example, if she loves swimming, research a nearby beach and go there together, If she is a coffee connoisseur, find a hip and happening coffee shop and take her there. The possibilities are endless. Just be creative and spontaneous.

Converse and listen

While you are having a conversation with a woman stick to topics that are entertaining and enlightening for both of you. No one wants to have a dreary discussion about complaints and negativity. Women will perceive this as petty and closed minded. It will put a woman in an off mood and associate you with seriousness and despair. All humans want to be happy and enjoy themselves, they are just wired that way. Ask her for her thoughts and opinions on certain topics. This will make her feel appreciated and respected because you honestly care about her views A woman will be more in tune with a man who overlooks trivial things and thinks big. All ladies adore a man who listens to them while they converse.

Another quality of a man that a woman find enticing is the ability to listen, When a guy listens with intent and focus, this signals to a woman that a man is sincere and caring. She will pay more attention to you and will develop feelings or trust and fondness for you as well.

Don’t be predictable

Show a woman that you have a character of mystery and excitement. This will keep her wondering about your intentions and be put you in a favorable light. You won’t want to go overboard where the lady is guessing at your every move. Just enough to pique her curiosity It will also make you look sexy and debonair. Plan activities such as trips, movies, dinners, get-togethers with friends, hiking, and do things that display your appetite for living life to the fullest. Surprise her with a fantastic experience by reading up on the history of a monumental site in your neighborhood or city, take to an art gallery and explain to her the meaning of a painting. Keeping her on her toes will have her wanting to spend time with you doing fascinating things.

Avoid making jerky movements

Got that nervous twitch? Well, you will need to work on it so that it doesn’t seem so obvious to that lady in question. This also includes any sudden movements which could be interpreted as a show of anxiety. Think relaxing thoughts, show confidence and just by yourself when you are around that special girl. Be mindful of your physical movements, so that if your hands are shaky, notice it and then do something to release the tension that you may be feeling. Tell her a joke, or joke about yourself. When you are laughing and enjoying yourself, you’ll feel more at ease and so will that girl. You’ll feel comfortable around each other, so when you do fidget she may understand and show some empathy.

Be Funny

One of the most effective methods to attract women is to make them laugh in the course of interactions. There’s no need to be a popular stand-up comedian for this to work but you do need to understand how to deliver punchlines adequately. Some people are naturally funny, but anyone can be funny when the time is right. Point out something hilarious, make a slight joke about yourself and what you could or could not be wearing. Mimik a funny character. Keep in mind though, that once you try making fun of something, it may be hard to stop.

Never Use Corny Pick-up Lines

Most women are quite particular over whom they choose to have a conversation with. Be friendly and respectful when you are speaking to a woman. Also, refrain from using pick-up lines which are vulgar and in poor taste. Using sexist and demeaning language could get you an angry response and possibly some unwanted interaction, such as a slap or bad sign language. Be genuine .yet polite when you complimenting a lady or commenting on her physical features. No need to whistle or cajole to get a woman’s attention. Just use some tact and common courtesy.

Put Your Money on Chivalry

If you notice a pretty woman fumbling over huge grocery bags, lending her help will be a terrific excuse to begin speaking with her. Being a gentleman still pays off in these current times. and you will undoubtedly gain what you want from playing this good guy role. Even the very simple act of holding the elevator door or perhaps giving up a cab will improve your chances of being able to get a woman’s attention

The answer to how to attract a woman is to become your very best self. Be honest to your character and be truthful about who you are.

How to Attract Women Summary

Most women won’t care about your trivial flaws, as long as you act like you have it all together. A belief in yourself and all that you have to offer. What woman wouldn’t want to get to know how great of a person that you are? Highlight your accomplishments without sounding too self-important. Attracting women can be a learning process because there will be so many different female personalities to deal with. The most that you can really do is be genuine, have fun and enjoy yourself. That shouldn’t be too hard…