Female body language is often overlooked when trying to understand women. It is also one of the most confusing aspects of trying to figure out how to attract women. Basically, if you are going to have half a chance at picking up a woman, then you definitely need to be able to read those female gestures and decipher those all too familiar nuances.

There really is nothing worse than trying to communicate with a woman who surely does not care for your time or attention. A rigid stance, cold shoulder and unfriendly smile should say it all, but some guys just don’t get the hint.
Nonetheless you might be think that you may have to dig through numerous woman magazines and psychology books to figure out how to read a woman’s body language, but with the right pointers, you can start to pick up a few clear signs that will help you to be able to read a woman much better than most men ever could.

How to Read Female Body Language

Look for universal signs

Unless you already know her or have been around that desired woman a lot, then it is going to be hard to get a real baseline reading to figure the little intricacies of her unique body language. However, there are many universal signs that you can look for that should be able to give you a more accurate take on what her body language is revealing. These telltale signs can be her making intense eye contact with you, she is constantly smiling at you, and she is always finding a reason to touch you.

Pay attention to her reactions

Let’s say that you already have your eye on a woman and you notice that another guy is approaching her. Pay attention to what he is doing and how she is reacting to him. If he seems to be engaging her through talk and touch but she is unresponsive or seems distant, then take it that he just may not be saying the right things to spark her interest or he is saying them in a belittling or condescending way. If she is friendly, but still turns him away, then you can take a guess that she just did not like his game, and you can waltz right in and do a better job.

Your body language can change her reaction

Let’s say that she does seem a little on the frigid side. If you are not making it seem like you are interested in her, then her reaction to you will not be favorable. You need to make sure that you are not just trying to get a read on her, but you are also sending her the right signals as well. Once again attract her attention with a smile and friendly eye contact.

Hidden Secrets for Female Body Language

The best reason to read female body language is to: avoid rejection. Men often complain of getting blown off and often blame themselves for not approaching a woman the right way or for acting too forward or for not being assertive enough. Some of these things may be true but remember that approaching a lady at a gathering or party is only half the battle. You have to know from the start whether you will get rejected or not.

Spare yourself the agony of guesswork and analyze her actions before even going up to her. Is she even ready to meet people or is she waiting for a boyfriend to arrive? Did she come alone to the party or is she scanning the crowd for a guy to go home with? Perhaps if she is waiting for someone, you will see her checking her watch or cell phone. If you really want to make sure, go up to her and engage in some friendly banter. There is no harm here, she will respect your eagerness and you both may enjoy a polite conversation.

Search the crowd for preening women

A woman who is looking to be picked up will stand more upright. Her facial muscles will be relaxed and she will show a half smile. She is most likely trying to act nonchalant and will idly scan the crowd while holding a drink in one of her hands.

Is she smoothing her hair

Part of the preening process is making sure that she looks her best during a meeting. If it’s not her hair, it’s her dress. She will also turn around every so often to glance at a mirror, smooth her blouse or her pants/skirt. A guy can practice reading female body language a few minutes before he approaches, just to familiarize himself with the signs that a woman sends out to indicate that she is really available.

How she talks to others

Look for slow crossing and uncrossing of the legs. A delicate balancing of a shoe on the toe of one foot means she’s totally comfortable talking to this guy. Some female body language signs that convey comfort include tucking of the feet under a chair and caressing her chin, jawline, neck or throat.

Direct eye contact

If you catch a woman looking at you directly, watch as she looks away coyly as soon as you observe her gaze. A direct stare is a clue that she wants attention herself. Yet don’t approach her just yet. Send your own signals and let her continue exhibiting you female body language signals that convey that she’s interested in talking to you.
Look for shoulders and torsos that are pointing towards you.

You can test this female body language inside a library. When you pass by a row of shelves and a woman is right there holding a book, her body will follow you even when her eyes look down at the book. This is one sign that a woman is seeing and noticing you without looking directly at you, and this can be a cue to identify those women inside a room who are already aware of your presence.

Demure gestures

Every woman can act shy when around of a good looking guy. It doesn’t matter how powerful the woman is, when she’s in front of a guy she truly likes, she will most likely act coy. Quick, stolen glances, tilting of her head and laughing in flirtatious ways are some of the cues to look for.

Getting Herself Noticed

You and that little cutie might not have traded a word, but if she’s keen on you she’ll soon make it clear. It is safe to say that she is being a bit louder than should be expected, laughing softly and moving quickly while looking right at you She may continue to stroll past your table without any sense of real direction and conveniently neglect to look at you when she passes. Obviously, she is checking you out, which gives you a clear signal that she’s interested in you.

Lively Eyes

When a female is looking at you with intent and interest, she will bat her eyelashes more frequently and her eyes will flicker, as she focuses on your mouth, jawline, chin and lips. She may even check you out after you get up from sitting down, taking in your chest, shoulders torso and height. There is no mistake there that you have attracted her attention. Let her know through eye contact that you are just as equally charmed as well.

Lastly… Watch her Lips

Her lips can reveal to you many non-verbal cues. Regardless of whether she’s softly biting them, or stroking them delicately, if she’s playing with her mouth this is an indication that she wants to get to know you. Hopefully she will be able to do more with her lips while she is finally with you.

Signs She is attracted to you

Reading the female body language still remains one of the biggest dating mysteries for most men. It’s also one of the main reasons why they often lose the chance to take advantage of opportunities with women who are initially attracted to them. Listed below are four female body language signs that are most overlooked by men when on a date.

She stealthily gives you that modest smile and looks down to the ground immediately after you’ve noticed her glancing at you.

This is one of the most obvious female body language signs of attraction that most guys are confused with. A woman’s favorite way of flirting is to subtly communicate her emotions through her bodily gestures. Playfully respond to her verbally without being too overbearing or aggressive. You will want to flirt back with her to keep her interest. This playful banter will start a conversation so that you can get to know each other better. Keep in mind that whatever you decide to say to her, must always feel totally natural and fun to you.

The reason for this is if you say something inappropriate or too forward, that girl will soon be able to pick up on your abrasiveness. In short, she’ll get a sense that what you’re saying to her is fake. On the other hand, after you say your line and get her laughing at it, you should casually either face away or turn your whole body away from her for a second or two. The importance of this is that you want to show her that you’re not needy. Instead, you are a confident, capable and vibrant individual.

She looks at you directly in the eyes and immediately then she looks at your mouth.

When you observe that woman looking directly at your left eye, then seductively looks to your right eye, and then finally to your mouth, this is known as triangular gazing because her eye movements form a triangle.

She starts touching you or reciprocates your touch

Whenever a woman begins caressing you or her strokes you back immediately after you’ve touched her, she is really trying to let you know that she is intrigued with\ you.

In this kind of situation, she’s actually inviting you to physically touch her as much as you can because she feels turned on.

In some cases, you can actually take that woman to a state of more intense sexual arousal. You can start to slowly slide your palm up to her head and bend her face toward you so that you can look intently into her eyes. Her eyes will then send you a signal whether she wants you to engage in a more sexually assertive behavior.

She’s constantly facing you with her whole body and then looks you up and down focusing on your face, immediately after you’ve approached her.

Female Body Language Summary

As soon as you notice this type of behavior in a woman, you can surely tell that she’s just giving you her sexual come-on because she’s is erotically fascinated with you

Understanding female body language may take some time for some, yet if you follow your instincts, you will have no problem at all with this type of male/female communication strategy.