Like most men, you may find yourself at a loss for words, and struggle to think of cute things to say to your girlfriend. Some guys are excellent communicators and know how to express their feelings in open discussions with their girlfriends. The rest of us are in the opposite category. We know how we feel, and are happy in our relationship, but are do not openly share these thoughts.

Us guys tend to be more thinkers than talkers, and less communicative as women are. Sometimes it is very hard for you to share your feelings, even with someone with your girlfriend. You understand how you feel about your girlfriend and your relationship, but can’t find the right words to express your feelings. Having a few cute things to say to your girlfriend handy can help to let your girlfriend know how special she is to you.

Why Have Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend?

It is no secret that men and women communicate differently within their relationship and in social settings. Men can have entire relationships without implicitly having to express their feelings. Guys usually never tell their budddies that they care about them. Many men are content to be in relationships without having to communicate feelings, and some carry that over into their relationships with their girlfriends.

Women are quite the opposite. Women tend to explicitly communicate their feelings to their friends, coworkers and boyfriends. Your girlfriend needs to know what you are feeling towards them, and having cute things to say to your girlfriend will help to reassure her that you care.

Show Me Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

Though having a few cute things to say to your girlfriend is handy, words alone are not enough to communicate your feelings. You need to augment the words that you say with actions that show her that you truly care for her. Small gifts such as flowers and chocolate can go a long way to making your girlfriend feel special.

You can also use some of the sweet words you will learn further in this article to include on the card to make the gift even more special. She will appreciate the gift, but will especially cherish your words and thoughts on the card. This is especially important on important days like an anniversary, or especially her birthday. You need to acknowledge the special day.

Proceed with Caution

Before we dive into the massive list of cute things to say to your girlfriend, I should warn you to proceed with caution. These cute sayings are awesome and most women will love them, but you must pick a phrase that matches your style, and fits the moment. Be honest when you are expressing your feelings.

By being honest, authentic, and using these phrases to express your true feeling for your girlfriend will enhance your relationship.

Here are some sweet things you can say to you girlfriend:

Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend 1-50

  1. Lay your head to rest on my chest and arms and find comfort.
  2. If love were a drug, I would want an extra dose of you.
  3. I was lost until you showed up and gave me a helping hand. I could never thank you enough for all your support.
  4. I will never let you go, for I feel lost in your eyes.
  5. You are the reason why wake up with a smile every day.
  6. I lost hope in finding true love, until you came along.
  7. For so many times I fell, but when you came into my life, you helped me rise and made me smile again.
  8. Anytime you need my love just call on me I will be waiting for you.
  9. I am lost in my world whenever I think of you, and I go crazy every time I hear your voice.
  10. Another day has gone, I’m still all alone without you.
  11. Life without like is like a broken pencil; completely pointless.
  12. I can’t give the world to you, but I can promise to give you my world.
  13. I will hold onto you forever, if you let me.
  14. You add meaning to my life.
  15. I fall in love with you every single day.
  16. I wish life had a replay button, so I can relive every perfect moment with you.
  17. Everytime you smile at me, my heard skips a beat.
  18. When I’m having a bad day at work, I pause and think of you. Thoughts of you always make me smile.
  19. Nothing else matters to me when you are with me.
  20. There is nowhere I would rather be, or nothing I’d rather be doing than be with you.
  21. Everything around me reminds me of you.
  22. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  23. When everything feels like it’s going wrong, a kiss from you makes everything feel right again.
  24. My life had no meaning until you came along.
  25. Nothing can ever go wrong, as long as I am with you.
  26. I used to laugh at people who believe in love at first sight. Then I saw you. Now I’m a believer.
  27. The best day of my life was when I met you.
  28. You are the only one who understand my heart and mind.
  29. You make me want to be a better man, so I can be the man you deserve.
  30. You bring out the best in me.
  31. You look even more beautiful than yesterday.
  32. I love watching you walk. Especially when you are coming towards me.
  33. I am forever changed for the better because of you.
  34. You are the perfect combination of beauty and brains.
  35. I always feel lucky when I am around you.
  36. My life has meaning because of you.
  37. I love watching you laugh.
  38. The highlight of my day is when I get to be with you.
  39. Spending time with you makes me happy.
  40. Whenever I touch you, I feel weak in the knees.
  41. You are perfect just the way you are.
  42. I love holding you.
  43. I only need one hand to conquer the world, as long as you are holding the other.
  44. You must be a dictionary because you add meaning to my life.
  45. I need to hear the sound of your voice everyday.
  46. It amazes me just how well you understand me.
  47. You’re everything you ever wanted baby, just make one wish, and I’ll become your personal genie.
  48. If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so that I would have the chance to make you smile.
  49. I walk over that rainbow just to deliver you to that pot of gold, got the whole earth in the box, wrapped in a bow for you.
  50. Baby, you are quiet, tell me what you are thinking. I love the way your mind works.

Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend 51-100

  1. A call is not enough. I need us to be together.
  2. All your worries, your casual doubts, please give them all to me and I will erase them for you.
  3. I will make all your dreams come true no matter how big, or small they are, just tell me what you need.
  4. I’ll walk the desert Sahara, and I’ll swim the Atlantic, I’ll vow, I will sink my finger into the ground and turn this earth around for you.
  5. Such a girl like you baby should have to ask for nothing. You should have the world and the universe, darling.
  6. Just tell me what I can do to make your life better for you.
  7. People must think I’m nuts since I’m smiling so much while thinking of you.
  8. I’ll only ever get you 11 roses. With you, this makes the twelve most beautiful things in the world.
  9. My life always felt like a jigsaw puzzle, because you are my missing piece.
  10. You have brought a dump truck full of happiness into my life.
  11. I always fall asleep thinking of you.
  12. I can’t imagine my life without you.
  13. As long as you keep looking at me with your sweet eyes, I’ll always belong to you.
  14. I can’t explain the joy I feel when I see you.
  15. Like a bird lifted high in the sky. That is how you make me feel.
  16. You are an uplifting song when I’m feeling down and the first time heard.
  17. You are like a work of art which is being unveiled for the first time.
  18. When you come around, it’s like the feeling of a warm embrace.
  19. You are more than the moon, even when it glows at night.
  20. You are all that I ever need in this lonely world. I am so glad we found each other.
  21. When you smile, you pick me up when I’m feeling down.
  22. All my life I was praying for someone like you who gives me joy and happiness.
  23. I get butterflies whenever I see you smile.
  24. I will never get tired of seeing you smile, and hearing you laugh.
  25. I am counting the minutes until I get to see you tonight.
  26. You are my lucky charm.
  27. You are the Oreo cookie to my milk.
  28. Even on the dullest days, I smile because of you.
  29. I would wait an eternity for you.
  30. I love the way you smell.
  31. Your smile makes me melt.
  32. When I’m with you, I feel like an excited child in a theme park.
  33. You make me want to be a better person, so I can be more worthy of you.
  34. I have been thinking about you.
  35. Loving you is like breathing. I can’t stop, and never will.
  36. Wishing on a shooting star does work. That’s how I got you.
  37. Every second I spend away from you, is a second that I waste.
  38. I wake up everyday thinking of you, and fall asleep dreaming of you.
  39. It took me a half of a lifetime to find you. I’ll spend the other half loving you.
  40. I love not because I need you. I need you because I love you.
  41. You managed to get inside my heart. Please don’t ever leave.
  42. I know I’m not your first love, but I really hope I will be your last.
  43. If you could see yourself through my eyes, then you would realize how special you are to me.
  44. I am much more me when I am with you.
  45. No matter how much I say I love you, I always love you more than that.
  46. You are the waves in my ocean, the light in my eye, the air that I breathe, and the beat in my heart.
  47. My entire world changed in that first moment when I looked into your eyes.
  48. I am completely addicted to you.
  49. You make me look forward to tomorrow.
  50. I fell in love with the way you touched my heart.

Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend 101-150

  1. Dreaming of you at night, and thinking of you during the day.
  2. No matter what happens, I will always choose you.
  3. Today, someone asked me how is my life. I smiled and said you are fine.
  4. You entered my life out of nowhere, and now mean the world to me.
  5. My target body weight is yours on mine.
  6. My heart always leads me to you.
  7. I love you for the millions of little things that you don’t even know that you do.
  8. I could call, text, or message you, but I’d rather have you here with me.
  9. I love you a lottle. It’s like a little, except it’s a lot.
  10. I smile whenever I get a message from you.
  11. What I have with you, I don’t want with anyone else.
  12. You are the best to my friend, the peanut to my butter, and the milk to my cookies.
  13. From the first moment that we started talking, I knew that I had to be with you.
  14. I have a crush on your mind, I fell for your personality, and your looks are just a bonus.
  15. I had no idea you would become to important to me when we first met.
  16. You are my bucket list.
  17. I will always choose you. Without pause, and without a doubt.
  18. To be perfectly honest, I really miss you when we are apart.
  19. I have fell in love many times. Always with you.
  20. I don’t know what to say. I miss you too much for words.
  21. You make my heart go boom.
  22. I was lost and alone. And then you came into my life.
  23. Nobody has ever made me feel the way that you do.
  24. Please stay with me forever.
  25. For me, there is only you.
  26. You are very special to me. Just so you know.
  27. Tell me everything about you. You can go on for hours. I don’t mind.
  28. You make my world a magical place.
  29. I’m glad you came into my world. My universe will never be the same.
  30. You have only crossed my mind once because you never left.
  31. I dream of you in colors that don’t exist.
  32. FYI. I plan on being with you until forever ends.
  33. I want all of my lasts to be with you.
  34. I am with you because you give me something that no one else can.
  35. With you, I am home.
  36. Without you I’m nothing. With you I’m something. Together we are everything.
  37. I will do whatever it takes to keep you in my arms.
  38. You have this amazing way of making my heart happy.
  39. I only saw you for a second, but it made my day.
  40. When you need someone to be there, I’ll be there.
  41. My life is perfect because I am with you.
  42. You bring sunshine and warmth to my life. You aren’t the sun, but you’re just as hot.
  43. You are absolutely the perfect girl for me.
  44. You are the perfect dose of love.
  45. Suddenly, all love songs were about you.
  46. You are the most beautiful thing that happened to my life.
  47. Somehow you manage to make my heart beat slower and faster at the same time.
  48. Please keep my heart safe. After all, you own it
  49. You are not an option. You are my priority.
  50. Your name is my favorite word.

Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend 151-200

  1. You remind me what butterflies feel like everyday.
  2. Your smile is the prettiest thing that I have ever seen.
  3. I am addicted to your mind and cannot forget its flavor.
  4. When I bring you flowers, it’s so they can see what true beauty is.
  5. I may not be a photographer but I sure can picture us together forever.
  6. I feel safe to be myself when I’m with you.
  7. Nothing will ever stop me from loving you the way I do.
  8. I love you even more than when I began this sentence.
  9. In a sea of people, my eyes always search for you.
  10. I always wake up smiling. I think it’s your fault.
  11. Can I borrow a kiss? I promise to give it back.
  12. Next time I hug you, I probably won’t let go for a long time.
  13. I know that you are really busy today, but can you please add me to your to-do list.
  14. Tonight, I’ll fall asleep with you in my heart.
  15. Sleeping is impossible when all I can think about is you.
  16. The way you look every time I say goodbye makes it so hard for me to walk away from you.
  17. Without a doubt, you are my favorite everything.
  18. I could watch you for a single minute, and find a hundred things that I love about you.
  19. Loving you deeply gives me courage, while being deeply loved by you gives me strength.
  20. I look forward to spending time with you everyday.
  21. Hearing your voice first thing in the morning starts my day with a smile.
  22. I must be dreaming with my eyes open. You really are that gorgeous.
  23. I can’t remember my life without you in it.
  24. On days when no one else can make me happy, you manage to make me smile.
  25. I thought I only wanted you, but now I know that I need you.
  26. The only thing that gets me through the day is the thought of being with you.
  27. I am going to hold onto you forever and never let go.
  28. Saying goodbye to you is the worst part of my day.
  29. When I’m feeling down, you know just what to do to make me smile.
  30. Somehow time stands still when I am with you.
  31. Your amazing smile and laughter make me feel weak.
  32. My life began the moment you walked into it.
  33. You are sweeter than an entire box of chocolate.
  34. Your smile not only lights up the entire room, but sets my heart on fire
  35. I always thought that loves songs were corny and silly until you came into my life.
  36. I forget about all of my problems when I look at you.
  37. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  38. When you kiss me, fireworks go off in my head.
  39. My favorite place in the world is wherever you are.
  40. Life is beautiful because you are here with me.
  41. I love that we met. I like that nobody got you before I did.
  42. I wish I were an octopus so I had more arms to hold you.
  43. Everytime you walk into the room, I fall in love with you again.
  44. The more I get to know you, the more I realize just how awesome you are.
  45. I am so happy to have you in my life. Please don’t ever leave.
  46. As long as we are together, I have everything that I need.
  47. You are the most amazing person I have ever met.
  48. You make the world a better place to live in.
  49. I feel very lucky to be loved by someone like you.
  50. All I need is you next to me

Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend Summary

Saying any of these phrases to your girlfriend will make her feel special, appreciated and loved. Complementing her with a cute phrase on a regular basis will reassure her that she matters to you, and that the relationship is important to you. Even if you have been together for a long time, you should still use these cute things to say to your girlfriend to keep things romantic and exciting.



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