A good relationship starts only when you are honest and true with yourself. Getting into a relationship is not a big ordeal. It takes some finesse, time and patience and of course, a couple of dates. Yet the trick here is where are you going to find a girl for a date? Searching for a date can be easy for some and discouraging for others. Depending on your personality, girls may flock around you or they may stay near the sidelines. Whatever type of tactics you use to attract any girl, it’s a personal choice, the good news is that there are many best places to meet women.

Dating apps to Meet Woman

Dating apps are most popular through internet media and within your own social groups. They are user-friendly and are quick approaches to find women in a short time frame. To tell the truth, they were mostly invented just to sell internet ads and to get you to buy things that you have a keen interest in, such as products, services and so forth. You, can search and learn about many women in a fast time frame making it easy to pick the one that matches what you want in a woman.

One good advantage of using this portable service is that it allows you to pick the person who you have the most common interests with and gives you an easy way to communicate with your date more often. This can make the start of your relationship more exciting and casual instead of anxious and scary. You can start things slow and gradually build the romantic friendship as you find more compatibility and fondness with each other. You can both enjoy doing many fun things together without feeling as if you “owe” each other anything.

Finding Dates From Your Mutual Friends

Acquiring dates through your close friends gives you better chances to find a “date match” in common meeting venues. You can get to know more about your potential partner and never be in a hurry to ask for an actual date. By meeting casually at social gatherings, you can get to know more about your “female friend” without any pressure of a formal date.

By the time you decide to go on an actual date, you will feel more comfortable with each other and won’t have any fears and assumptions about your first formal date being less than par. By being open and authentic with each other you will form a light and pleasant bond, that can help you visualize a nice and exciting relationship.

How to Engage a Woman

Wherever you go, you can see women everywhere. They are right next to you in places such as movie theatres, long cashier lines, restaurants, elevators, online dating sites, shopping malls parks, bars, clubs, and many more places. When trying to engage in a conversation with women, always exude an air of confidence and speak to them while maintaining eye contact. Women feel important and flattered when someone is giving them attention.

A light conversation about the weather or the current circumstances that you both find yourselves in, such as waiting for a bus, or being stuck in the grocery line, can go a long way in showing your personality to that person. From there on in, you can determine body language to decide whether to keep the conversation going or to exchange contact info to continue the conversation going at a later time.

Scope Out Places

Location hotspots such as a community recreation center or gym will have women coming and going on a regular basis. Laundromats are also fertile ground to meet a woman. You don’t even have to use your imagination to try and strike up a conversation here. Just ask the available female which settings to use to wash special garments or which water temperatures for fancy fabrics and so After all, you are asking a legitimate question. University or college hangouts, clubs and even libraries are a fantastic place to meet the ladies. How better to start an honest discussion with something that you would both have an interest in.

Better yet, dance classes, cooking lessons, and yoga classes are full of prospective women who clearly like to have fun and learn. These are the kind of women that clearly show that they have a zest for life. Your local coffee shop or even cafe in a different neighborhood will always have women enjoying a cup of coffee and indulging in a sweet treat. The key thing here is to engage in some light bantering before the discussion becomes solid and you build a friendly connection. Even if you don’t meet the love of your life, you would have both had a nice chat. Keep in mind, that you would want to “pick up” a girl in a quick manner.

The reason for this is that don’t know how long she will be staying at the current location. If she is in a rush or has prior engagements, you could miss your chance to befriend her. Less be known, you may never see her again. Therefore, the best moment is always the present moment. Look friendly, portray confidence and most girls will respond back. 

Special Gatherings

 Yearly events such as community gatherings, office parties, and weddings are wonderful places to meet women. The ladies are already in a joyful mood and are more open to speaking to people because they are already in an upbeat mood. No woman wants to sit or stand alone at these places, it’s too uncomfortable for them. They want to be talking to someone, even if it’s for only 5 minutes. Participating in a deep or light conversation, makes them look important and slightly popular and every woman wants to feel like this. So, go ahead pick a topic, strike up a conversation and see where it takes you. 

The Clubs and the Bars

Naturally, there will be tons of women to meet and acquaint yourself with at this nifty joint. Women here desire to be hit on and will expect you to initiate a conversation with them. Obviously, there are no strings attached here. Just be your charming self, complement the women that you want to befriend and just see what happens. Refrain from the cheesy lines and aggressive attitude and you may just find yourself communication and drinking with a girl for a while.

If the formalities are not going well, just politely make an excuse to get yourself out of the discussion and head over to the other end of the bar or club. Sometimes, the locale may be too loud, and you won’t hear each other properly because of the loud music. Go for a spin on the dance floor, get your rhythm on and connect with each other through eye contact. A lot can be communicated just by looking into someone’s eyes. Laugh and joke with each other on the dance floor to build a sense of fun. Clubs and bars will have lots of fabulous looking women that you may find it hard just to talk to one girl.

That’s fine, talking is just the start. After 5 minutes into a conversation, you will know her manners and personality for small talk. When you look good and smell good (hint, hint wear a classy cologne that suits you), women will want to talk to you. There is nothing to lose here. Just a little bit of time, but then again you have all night to meet a girl or girls. If you’re not into dancing and drinking some clubs/bars have a trivia night. You can team up with a couple of people or person, let that be that one “girl” and play a game of trivia. Here you get to laugh, talk and connect without any pressure or awkwardness. 

Familiar Territory

Your workplace is a great place to find a girl too. Scope out the lunchroom, cafeteria or even smoking areas. Obviously, this will work only if you are a smoker as well. Company get-togethers or after work drinks will give you the chance to get to know a girl in a casual setting without committing to a date.
Shopping malls and retail stores are also good places to start a conversation with someone who catches your eye. Food courts and mall events will have tons of women walking about. Ask a girl about finding the best stores that sell arts and crafts or shoes, or where is the next coffee joint. While in a store, comment on a unique product, or make a compliment on a trendy piece of furniture that you are going to buy. Better yet, while in the cookware section of a store (and what women doesn’t like a guy who likes to cook?),. ask her, her opinion on a product that you intend to buy is it worthy, does the job etc. Such an easy conversation is a no-brainer and that can you a lot of information about whether you want to pursue that particular girl or not. Your usual places are some of the best places to meet women. 

Museums and Art Galleries

These locales are not restricted only for those who have a finer taste in art. They are for anyone who wants to see beauty through historic pieces and lovely paintings or sculptures. These places will have women wandering the halls and rooms taking in the exquisite offerings of the venue. Ask her about her thoughts of an artifact or portrait. There is no harm in that. Admire out loud your fascination with a historic object to see what she says. Ask her about grabbing a coffee in the museum gallery eatery. Be interested in her opinion. This will show that you care about her views and ideas. Before you know it, you may end up talking about other related things that you enjoy. Better yet, spending your time in a museum or gallery is just plain classy. Any girl will think highly of you just for spending your free time in such a cultural setting. 

The Parks in Early Morning

Wanting to go for an early morning jog or do a quick speed walk? Do you own a dog and need to take them on their morning walk? The park can have women doing a rise and shine yoga workout or getting some exercise before they start their day. They also could be taking their dogs for an early morning walk/jog. If a lady catches your fancy, then take advantage of the fact that she will need to be walking her dog every morning. This will give you an opportunity to think of ways to get chummy with a girl and ask her out on a date. No need for heavy discussions here. Just a friendly hello and light conversation will brighten any women’s day and put her in a good mood. Put on your running gear and head down to the park to grab some exercise for yourself and to check out the ladies. This is on one of the best places to meet women. 

Theatres and Concerts

These entertainment venues are full of cultured women and starting a conversation with a lady is quite simple. At the theatre, take advantage at the break intervals to comment on the show or an actor’s/actresses role, At a musical, ask a woman her thoughts on an exciting part of the play or concert. Listening to great music that you both enjoy makes it so much easier to connect with a girl. The key here is to look for a common interest. No lady is going to want to talk to a guy who is critical and negative. That just gives bad vibes. Portray confidence and be your natural friendly self. Women are attracted to guys who are at ease with themselves. 

Sports Games and Competitions

Typically, various sports games such as hockey, baseball, basketballs games are usually full of guys. Yet some, ladies love their sports and won’t miss a wrestling or boxing match for the world. You have to love these girls who have that hot-blooded, assertive streak in them. Compare your teams, reminisce about their achievements, get into the excitement of the game yell and shout words of encouragement out to the winners, boo the losers Ask the girl what she knows about the team or who is her favorite player. This has got to be one of the best places to meet women. 

The Regular Sports Bar

You get to drink, you get to watch sports and you even get to meet a woman. Most women will go to a sports bar to watch a game, but some may go for other reasons. Maybe this joint has the best chicken wings in town, maybe the drinks are delicious and affordable. Whatever the reason, if the women are abundant, this is all the better for you. See a woman sitting by herself at a bar? Offer to buy her a drink, exchange formalities, ask her why she’s there. Perhaps she frequents the bar often, maybe this is her first and only time there. Obviously, you don’t want to be picking up a woman who is there to meet another guy. If she is there to meet her gal pals, exchange numbers or email addresses. Discuss what’s playing on the big screen, ask her what type of sports she likes or, who’s her favorite player is. You don’t even need to think big here. The conversation will flow to your advantage if you stick to a familiar topic. 

The Regular Commute

Meeting a female at your regular train station or bus stop is such an obvious place to meet someone, you are baffled that you haven’t thought of this before Even though in the mornings you may be bleary-eyed or ready to crawl home after work. but there could be some fine-looking ladies that take the same route as you. Scope out the quarters and see if anyone catches your eye. If someone does, try and get close to them and start an easy conversation. A talk about the weather, length of commute or wishing them a nice day, will help you gauge if the girl is someone that you find pleasant or polite. There really won’t be any major awkwardness here. Just a feel, to see if the person is someone that you would like to get to know. 

Best Places to Meet Women Summary

Overall, women can be found anywhere. If you use the right approaches, most girls will reciprocate. That is, talk back, exchange contact information and so forth. Keep in mind, that even though you may not look like Clooney or Pitt (and congratulations if you do!), women like a guy with confidence. Send her a warm smile or friendly eye contact. Slowly approach her without getting too close in her personal space. Ask her how she is doing, or how her day is going. If she doesn’t respond in an appropriate manner don’t take it personally. Maybe she is having a rough day or is not feeling well. If your first encounter is not what you would have hoped for, you can always try again to see how she responds.

The main point here is, is that you have lots of best places to meet women for a date. Every place listed above is hardly within 10 miles of your reach, which means the girl you want to date is just 10 miles away from you. So, what’s stopping you, go out there and find your woman.